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Month: September 2018

Website Home Improvement Tip #21: Use 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) Software

Looking to secure your business website? Use 2FA Software! Two factor authentication is a great way to boost the security of your site and protect you, your customers, and your…

Too Many Customers? Use A Website To Streamline Your Small Business Operations.

If you’ve got too many customers, you don’t want more leads. A website can be a great workload management tool to streamline your small business operations…

Thumbnail of blog post by Duke Kimball on why a business should start/update a blog

Website Home Improvement Tip #20: Start A Business Blog

Want more organic traffic to your small business site? How about more leads for your business? Get a bigger SEO Footprint for your site with an SEO friendly business blog…

SuperWebPros on the Morning Blend - Website Analytics

SuperWebPros on the Morning Blend – Website Analytics

Website Home Improvement Tip #19: Understand Your Bounce Rate

You see it in your web analytics: Bounce Rate. But what does it mean? Do you want it high or low? And how does it relate to the time visitors spend on your site?We discuss Bounce Rate & Dwell Time on this Website Home Improvement Tip!…

Web Analytics 101: A Primer for Small Business

To understand your small business website’s performance, it’s important to understand web analytics. Learn the best tools to use & the website metrics to track…

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