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How to Clear Your Browser Cache in Chrome, Firefox, & Safari (on a Mac)


December 21, 2018Guides

Ever made a change to a website and been sure you updated everything correctly…only to refresh the browser and have it all look the same? Chances are you need to clear your browser cache.

So, here’s how to clear your cache in 3 of the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache in Google Chrome

Watch the ~30 second video below to see how to clear your browser cache in Chrome. Where I click “Cancel,” you’ll actually want to click the button to clear your cache (I didn’t want to clear my cache at the moment…)

How to Clear Your Browser Cache in Firefox

Clearing cache in Firefox is a bit more intuitive. There’s an actual “History” tab on the upper menu.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache in Safari

Safari is also pretty intuitive, though the “Clear browser data” option is waaaay at the bottom of the dropdown menu (depending on how many sites you’ve been to…on the browser OR on your iPhone).

And there you have it! Three common browsers. Three ~20-30 second videos.

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