SuperWebPros on the Morning Blend – Selling During the Holidays

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Bob (00:03):

This morning on the blend we have back with us, Jesse Flores, who is the Chief Web Pro at SuperWebPros. Always good to see ya.

Jesse (00:10):

Always great to be here.

Bob (00:11):

All right. Holiday time, Black Friday, obviously just a few days away so what are some things people and businesses can do online to really finish up strong?

Jesse (00:21):

Yeah. You know, there are, there are a couple of things that, we’re getting asked this question a lot, a couple of things that I think you can do to ramp up your online presence. So the first thing is if you haven’t already, you gotta start thinking about clear offers. You know, you’ve got a couple of big things coming up in the next few days. Obviously Christmas is next month, but Black Friday is this coming Friday. Small Business Saturday is the day after that. Cyber Monday is the day after that. You know, what you see really successful companies do is they’ll have offers for each one of those particular kinds of days with special promotions. You know, one of the other things that we see is pretty successful for a lot of companies, especially if you’re in, in ecommerce and retail is creating gift guides. You know everybody has that person in their life that, I just don’t know what to get that person. And gift guides can be really, really helpful ways to, to help people figure out like what that is.

Bob (01:08):

That’s a great idea for a business too, to just create the gift guides. Cause even if you have the product, they might not see the product and think, ah, but if you have a gift guide…

Jesse (01:16):

Well, here’s the other cool thing too. You can promote those kinds of things on social media. They’re not that expensive to promote. You know, the goal there isn’t to try and drive someone into the bottom of your funnel. It’s just to drive some awareness. And if your website’s optimized and you’ve got like good email capture and you’ve got good landing pages, those people that come looking for a gift guide might end up turning into customers.

Bob (01:35):

Very cool. Tell us more tips.

New Speaker (01:38):

Yeah. You know, a couple other things. You know, one of the things I think as a, as a sleeper thing is that there’s people, you know, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but maybe who sort of procrastinate and you know, on December 21st are thinking about what should I buy such and such for Christmas. So have a plan for procrastinators. I think that’s a huge tip. You know that people are gonna be procrastinating, have promotions ready for those people, but also be aware of what the shipping requirements are through UPS or USPS so that way you can make sure things are going to deliver on time. One other thing that I think is a really cool tool is retargeting website visitors. So you can go to Google, you can go to Facebook, drop a little snippet of code in your website and anyone that comes to your website, you can track them around the Internet with some advertising. Some people think it’s a little bit creepy, but I’ll tell you what, it brings people back.

Bob (02:23):

It brings people back for sure. Yeah.

Jesse (02:25):

All the time.

Bob (02:25):

Absolutely. So what if you’re a little behind on all of this, is there still time?

Jesse (02:30):

Yeah, there is. There is. That’s said, you know, you’re gonna feel a little bit of pressure here. Some things you want to make sure you do on your site though to, to capture that, one, make sure you’ve got good lead capture on your website and two build out good automations to follow up.

Bob (02:47):

And three, just call you.

Jesse (02:49):

I’m not going to say no to that.

Bob (02:50):

Your number’s right on the screen there. 844-Web-Pros. Thanks so much for being here.

Jesse (02:55):

Thank you. Always a pleasure.

Jesse Flores

Jesse if the Chief Web Pro at SuperWebPros. When he's not trying to see the future, you can find him in quiet contemplation, spending time with his family, or finding an excuse to be outside (in good weather).
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