SuperWebPros on the Morning Blend – The Importance of Data on Your Website


Speaker 1 (00:03):


Bob (00:04):

On the Blend this morning we have with us Jesse Flores who is the Chief Web Pro of Super Web Pros. Good to see you.

Jesse (00:09):

Hey, it’s great to see you too.

Bob (00:11):

So I know that you do websites and a lot of companies do websites, so I’m curious what sets you apart?

Jesse (00:17):

Yeah. You know, so I think the biggest thing is that we’re not an agency. Uh, we don’t do branding, creative, video, press releases, any of that stuff. We are tremendously focused just on that platform that converts traffic from all those other channels you might be investing in and really focuses on the data, the metrics, user behavior, and trying to figure out how do I take a visitor or a stranger and turn them into either a lead or a sale. And that’s really what we focus. We just focus on the, on the web practice.

Bob (00:41):

Well, and tell me about how that then processes, uh, results for people.

Jesse (00:46):

Yeah, so, you know, the first is that we really focus on data. And in my experience with a lot of other, a lot of other agency types, the creative is maybe more important than the, than the analytics. But in my opinion, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Right? And so we really focus first on data. The second is I always tell our customers, your website isn’t a project. It’s a process. If you look at any real company that invests in its website and its web presence, they don’t deploy a website and then just leave it. Right? Business is dynamic. It’s constantly changing. You’re constantly updating things. Customers have other requests and information and needs. And so what we do is we say all of our customers, we try and get built out quickly, but then every month we’re constantly looking at the data, at the metrics and updating their sites, updating the content, uh, updating even layouts and split testing every month. So that way, uh, we’re, we’re moving more and more towards, towards results. And then finally, we focus really, really heavily on speed and on support.

Bob (01:42):

Okay. And so how long does it take to get started, to have a website and then really how much does it cost? I mean, that’s a big question.

Jesse (01:50):

You know, so one of the great things is we’ve taken, we’ve taken these I would say enterprise level practices and made them really affordable for many small businesses. We have packages that start at just $99 a month. And, uh, typically speaking, we can get a site deployed within 30 to 45 days. And then after that, we run on a monthly cycle. Um, now when customers need support, they need updates, uh, generally speaking to 24 to 36 hour turnaround. Um, and, uh, it gets in our support system. One of our support managers takes care of it and it’s done pretty quickly.

Bob (02:18):

And that’s updating too. So if you need something updated on your website, if you have an event and you need it added…

Jesse (02:22):

That’s exactly, that’s exactly right. Speed. Speed is the name of the game. Our, our customers are busy and we try to match their speed.

Bob (02:28):

Everyone’s talking about ranking in search engines and search engine optimization. So tell me about that and how, how your company deals with that.

Jesse (02:36):

Yeah, that’s a great question. And unfortunately, I think we have a ton of time to go into all of it today, but there are a couple of factors that I think really do matter. One is on page optimization, second is content generation, and the final one is site performance. All of those things come out of the box with all of our sites.

Bob (02:51):

I want to hear more, but you can call Super Web Pros. Thank you so much for joining us.

Jesse Flores

Jesse if the Chief Web Pro at SuperWebPros. When he's not trying to see the future, you can find him in quiet contemplation, spending time with his family, or finding an excuse to be outside (in good weather).
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