SuperWebPros on the Morning Blend – Why Video is the Most Productive Content Tactic

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Speaker 1 (00:04):


Bob (00:06):

Jesse Flores from Super Web pros is here. Jesse, always good to see you. Welcome.

Jesse (00:09):

Great to be seen. How are you guys?

New Speaker (00:11):

Good. So we heard that video was among the most productive modes of content production. Is that true?

Jesse (00:18):

Yes. And I love video. In fact, if you go to our blog, you’ll probably see more video than you will see actual writing. And here’s why I love video. It’s because it’s ultimately eminently multi-purposeful, right? You can take a video, strip out the audio, and then the audio can become a podcast. You can take the video and you can have somebody transcribe it and that becomes a blog post, right? So, immediately that one piece of content, becomes, three pieces of content, it’s video, it can be audio, it can be text. And the cool thing is, is video in particular because then it can be thrown onto YouTube as well as being put onto Google. Now puts you on two of the largest– actually most people might not know this, Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet– and so putting that video on YouTube gets you indexed now on search engine number two, while the text content gets you indexed on search engine number one.

Mary (01:11):


Bob (01:11):

That is brilliant. And I never even thought about that. That’s really…wow, you really enlightened us. Now here’s my question. You are a web guy doing all web stuff, but you don’t do videos. So why talk about video?

Jesse (01:25):

So we’ve got this webinar coming up with Paul Schmidt, at Uno Deuce, it’s on February 26 I think you guys will put the video up there or the time up there, exactly when it’s gonna happen. But we’re going to be talking about this. It’s called Video Killed The SEO Star. You know, everyone of our customers talks about how they want to rank in Google. And there’s a lot of work that goes into ranking in Google more than most people think. And so when Paul and I started talking, we said, you know what? Here’s the thing, if you do video well, it can help you with your rankings on Google, but it can also help you with your rankings on Youtube. So why not kill two birds with one stone? And so we’re putting together this webinar or putting together this webinar together so that we can start to help people figure out how to use video to rank in Google and in Youtube.

Mary (02:08):

I love that. Okay, so when is the Webinar?

Jesse (02:11):

It’s February 26th. I think you guys will flash the thing up there. You can go to, we’ve got it up on the banner at that point as well.

Bob (02:20):

I just want to do video right now.

Jesse (02:22):

We’re on TV!

Bob (02:22):

That’s what we’re doing.

Mary (02:28):

It’s shareable content.

Jesse (02:30):

We were just talking about that. We know, that’s what I love about this. We get, we get to be on YouTube and then we can share that content and we can repurpose it across the board.

Bob (02:37):

I just don’t think, I didn’t know youtube was the second largest search engine.

Mary (02:42):

That’s big information.

Jesse (02:44):

So one thing that’s really cool too is that the, the ranking strategies are slightly different. We’ll be covering that in the Webinar as well.

Bob (02:49):

Okay. SuperWebPros. Superwebpros.Com and then the numbers on your screen.

Mary (02:55):

Don’t miss that seminar on the 26.

Jesse Flores

Jesse if the Chief Web Pro at SuperWebPros. When he's not trying to see the future, you can find him in quiet contemplation, spending time with his family, or finding an excuse to be outside (in good weather).
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