SuperWebPros on the Morning Blend – Why Your Ad Dollars Go Nowhere

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Bob (00:02):

This morning we have with us, our good friend Jesse Flores, who’s with SuperWebPros. He’s the Chief Web Pro. Great to see you again.

Jesse (00:10):

Good to see you guys again. Great to be back. Thanks.

Mary (00:12):

So we often hear people say they’ve tried things like digital advertising or investing in their websites, but then they say, well I didn’t see much of a return. So are they doing something wrong?

Jesse (00:22):

Gosh, you know, one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when it comes to digital advertising or driving traffic and expecting to get a return for it is sending people to their homepage as opposed to what we in industry call a landing page. And what I’d love to do is, I’d love to show an example of what these two things are, how they’re different and why one is better for advertising than another one. So the first thing I want to show is just a basic webpage. And this is our webpage because I don’t want to incriminate anyone else. So what you’ll notice if you look at our basic webpage is we’ve got the navigation at the top, as you would expect, right? You’ve got some content. As you scroll down, it’s value propositions and links into other parts of our our website, right? And the goal is really to get people engaged into deeper parts of our website, right? There’s not really a focus other than to draw you in. Now, if I can show you an example of what we call a landing page, and if you pull up a landing page, the landing page looks very different, right? First of all, we’ve removed navigation. The point is that we’ve started to focus this so that the user is limited to do only a very small number of things, right? Either convert or not. Exit or not. From a measurement standpoint, from an analytics standpoint, it’s so much easier to figure out how to make these things successful. We’ve removed navigation so you can’t go to other parts of the site. We make the content limited, it’s scalable, it’s testable. So we split test landing pages all the time so we can see does this graphic work better than that graphic? This copy worked better than that copy. You’ve got very few options on this site and then sometimes we’ll include like a compelling bonus. But the point is that these landing pages are great for advertising because you’re driving traffic there. Users are bound to just do one thing, it either converts or it doesn’t convert and it’s much easier to test the success of that initiative because you’re able to bound the tests with images or with the right copy as opposed to getting them lost in your website.

Bob (02:15):

So what I’m hearing, landing pages are definitely what you want.

Jesse (02:19):

If you’re going to be advertising, you’ve got to, you’ve got to be sending people to something that’s focused relative to your offer. You know, one example that I, that I use often is a, you don’t say you want to buy a new pair of, what am I wearing? Johnson Murphy Brown suede shoes. You go to Google and you type, I want some new Johnson Murphy Brown suede shoes, and Google pulls up an image of this and you click on it and goes to and now you have to find it again. That’s annoying. Just send me to the shoe. I’ll click buy,.

Bob (02:47):

Go to SuperWebPros. You can see their website there, They’ll help ya out.

Jesse Flores

Jesse if the Chief Web Pro at SuperWebPros. When he's not trying to see the future, you can find him in quiet contemplation, spending time with his family, or finding an excuse to be outside (in good weather).
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