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Speaker 1 (00:05):


Bob (00:06):

Jesse Flores, Chief Web Pro from SuperWebPros joins us. Good morning.

Jesse (00:10):

Good morning. How are y’all?

Mary (00:11):

We are great. I want to talk about something we haven’t discussed before with you on the Blend, website analytics.

Jesse (00:17):

Oh, I love that topic.

Mary (00:18):

What are they, what are they good for?

Jesse (00:20):

Absolutely everything. You know, the biggest thing that we use them for is to answer questions. So people come to us all the time with questions. How do I know if my marketing or my website is generating a return? That’s usually the overarching question. Well, there’s a whole lot of other questions. Well, I don’t know. You tell me like how many people are coming to your website? Where are they coming from? Are they converting, are they, I mean, are they buying, are they becoming leads? Good analytics help you to answer all those questions and more and in order for you to figure out, is what you’re investing in marketing effective and is it being successful or if it’s not being successful, where do you start to look to make it successful?

Mary (01:00):

Wow. I actually understood that, it makes so much sense.

Bob (01:04):

What types of website metrics should a person track?

Jesse (01:08):

You know, there’s really four that we look at, right? At least I break them down into four groups. The first is user metrics, and this tells us who, who’s coming where are they coming from? Are they the demographic that you want to be targeting? The second is behavior metrics. When they get to your website, what are they doing? How long are they on your page? Where are they visiting? Are they then converting, which we’ll get into that as a next step. Acquisition metrics is the third type. Where are they coming from? Is it organic search? Are they coming through referral partners, your email campaigns, social media? The fourth type is your conversion metrics. So, are they buyingwhat are they buying? Are they turning into leads? On which pages, which campaigns? And so by breaking it down to these four different segments your users, the behavior where they’re coming from and what they’re doing, you’re able to start to really get a nice picture of the performance of not only your website, but any other marketing you might be investing in.

Mary (02:09):

Real quickly, is there a holy grail metric that explains everything?

Jesse (02:14):

I wish that there were. The reality is that these all need to be looked at in, in context. You know, I think if there is there is no one metric that you can look at, but I think if you’re looking at those four together I think that’s when you find yourself in a position to really ask and answer the right questions. If I could just give a quick example. We’ve got this one customer, I’ll put a screenshot up here and this will just give you an overview of what these kinds of things are great for. Over the last couple of months, you’ll see that there’s some spikes in their traffic and some spikes in conversions and say, well, why is that happening? Well, and if you look down, you say, well, it’s because of this thing called referral and what’s going on there?

Mary (02:58):

So much to learn, I love it.

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