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    How to provide feedback on a Prototype

    We use Prototypes to start to approximate the look and feel of a page before we make it public to the Internet.

    Giving feedback here is similar to giving feedback on a Blueprint, but it is a different tool because the Prototype is an actual webpage – and not just a mockup of one.

    For Prototypes, we’re starting to get to what this will actually be like when it’s live, so feedback here should be clear and specific. That said, if you’re on one of our website support plans once it goes live, we’ll make the update for you quickly, with no additional charge.

    How to give feedback on Markup

    Like Figma, Markup uses a comment bubble where you can point and click to provide feedback. Similarly, you can add attachments and some light font edits (italic, bold, etc.). To add a comment:

    1. Make sure you click “Comment” on the bottom of the screen
    2. You’ll see a blue location icon with a crosshair. Hover over the webpage and you’ll see a dashed area showing where the cursor is.
    3. Click on a region you want changed and add your message into the comment bubble.
    4. Click Post.

    You’ll see the comments on the left side of the screen. They’ll be numbered and correspond with the appropriate place on the page where they belong. This let’s us know exactly where we should make the update.

    Like Figma, you can “@mention” or “tag” us (or other team members), though we monitor these notifications, so it’s not necessary.

    Browsing the rest of the site

    If you click “Browse” at the bottom of the page, you can navigate the entire Prototype or website and leave comments for other things you’d like us to fix.

    However, this can be buggy and so we recommend keeping your feedback on the specific page link that we send you.

    As always, if we have questions, we’ll reach out and ask for clarification.

    Editing a comment

    If you click “Post” too soon and need to update a comment, you can do that easily:

    1. Click the comment you want edited
    2. Click the “pencil” icon to edit the comment.
    3. Make your edit.
    4. Save it.

    You can also delete your comment by clicking the “trash can” icon.

    What’s next

    Once you’re good with the Prototype, make sure to approve it by clicking the link in the email, confirming approval in the product feed, or updating the “Customer Approval Status” to “Approved for Publication.”

    At that point, we’ll do some finishing SEO touches and testing, before making it live. For websites that are wholly in staging, we’ll publish the entire site at one time once all the pages are marked “Published” inside of ProHQ.

    Technical Support

    Still have a question? We're here to help you. Reach out via chat below or open a support ticket.

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