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Current Plan: "Start" Unlimited Web Design Change Plan

Included with Your Web Design Package

  • 1 Active PROject per month. Perfect for businesses just starting to grow online!
  • Unlimited website requests
  • Unlimited website revisions
  • Unlimited brand support
  • 1 Hosted website. Host additional websites for $29/month
  • Basic on-page SEO Support
  • Fast ticket turnaround: 1-3 business days
  • Weekly PROject output
  • Access to the Super Support Hub
  • In-app and Email Support
  • One 1-on-1 Strategy call per quarter

Additional information about this plan

  • Turnaround time for Support Tickets will be completed within 1-3 business days. A Support Ticket is a task estimated as 1 or 2 PROject Points
  • A PROject is a website task greater than 2 PROject points. We will work on this PROject weekly, until it’s complete. Updates can be tracked via the Super Support Hub & email. With this plan, only one PROject will be active per 30 day period.
  • In general, new website content takes 2-3 days to blueprint and 1-2 days to revise.

Unlimited Web Design

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