Tech can be complicated. Pricing doesn't have to be.

Prepay Annual (Get 2 months free!)

$199 / month

  • Unlimited website updates for 1 website
  • Add new webpages or landing pages
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Support for WordPress, Wix, Weebly, & more!

$399 / month

  • Everything from "Start" plus
  • E-Commerce Support for WooCommerce or Shopify
  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Campaigns

$489 / month

  • Everything from "Sell" plus:
  • Unlimited website updates for up to 3 websites
  • Support for Hubspot & Webflow
  • Custom website graphics

$889 / month

  • Everything from "Grow" plus:
  • Unlimited website updates for up to 5 websites
  • 2x Content & Support Tickets in process
  • Content for SEO

Need a one-time project or rebuild? We've got you covered with our traditional web development service.

See why customers love The Pros

Molly Chinnock & Heather Hemmer from the 30 Clean with their responsive website built by SuperWebPros

"Anytime I need anything I simply email Super Support and all action items are done in a very timely and effective manner. All tasks feel like a priority..."

Molly Chinnock, Co-Founder of The 30 Clean

How can The Pros help you?

Every business or organization is unique. So is our approach. How can we help you make your website work harder for you?

They've helped us develop a program that allows us to continuously talk to our everyday consumer out there and build our organic base.

Marsha Keenoy, Orange Insoles

They took our site from here. And brought ideas that I'd have never thought of...and I'm in marketing!.

Bob Hoffman, ePIFanyNow

Website Plan Details

Whether you're just starting out, or looking to grow, we've got plans for every budget.

Pricing From $165/month From $332/month From $408/month From $740/month
Unlimited website updates 1 website 1 website 3 websites 5 websites
Website hosting 1 website 1 website 1 website, then $29/site 1 website, then $29/site
Content in process 1 1 1 2
Support Tickets in process 1 1 1 2
Feature projects in process 1 1 1 1
Keep plugins, theme, and software updated
Platforms supported WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and more! WooCommerce, Shopify Webflow Hubspot
Add new webpages
Add new landing pages
Unlimited revisions
Pop-up with email integration
Access to our library of premium photos, videos, and graphics
On-page SEO
We write website copy
E-Commerce support
Bulk product uploads
Sales Funnels
Cart abandonment emails
Email newsletters
Facebook Marketplace Integration
Custom website graphics
Photo editing
Custom theme development WordPress WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot
Content Plan for SEO Optimization
Blogging for SEO
Quarterly SEO Reporting
Development of custom UX
Dedicated staging server for prototyping & development
White label available

You may be wondering...

Still have questions about how this works? No worries. Check out these FAQs or reach out and we'll be happy to help you out!

Nope. Pay one flat monthly rate and get all your web design & development needs met. The only time you might incur any additional costs are if we need to buy software or plugins to add specific functionality to your website. If that happens, we'll discuss it with you before implementing anything.

No, this service runs month-to-month and you can cancel anytime. We do offer discounts for prepaying annually, though.

It depends on whether you need an update, new content, or new functionality. For example, updating a picture on a website (an update) takes dramatically less time than creating a new page from scratch (new content) or implementing advanced search features (a project). 

In general, 90% of updates are done within 1-2 business days. Content is generally completed within 4-5 days (provided we have everything we need from you!) and new functionality can take up to a few weeks. 

For new content or functionality, a Pro will provide target completion dates when you create the project request.

It depends on the type of work (because it varies so much). In general, you can have 1 active ticket, 1 new piece of content, and 1 new functionality request active at a time. 

For example, let's say you want to add two new pages, update the banner on your home page, and integrate your lead form with Hubspot, so you create 4 development projects.

We'd get to work on one of the new pages, your support ticket, and your functionality request within a day or so.

When the new page is published, we'd start the second one.

By then, the support ticket would likely be long gone (and maybe any others you've added in the interim), but the functionality request might still be in process.

All updates, content, and projects are tracked in our Super Support Hub, which you'll get access to when you sign up.

No, we don't build apps or custom software. In general, we'll try to find off-the-shelf solutions to your problem (there usually is one that's much cheaper than custom development!). 

We will, however, extend the functionality of existing software, themes, or plugins, as possible. That'll be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Yes. Our Super Support Hub is designed to give you the flexibility to use us for all of your projects. You can use us for yourself, your other websites, or your customers.

If, however, you need us to host your websites too, there will be an additional hosting fee (servers aren't free!).

Good question. We're happy to work with nearly any platform: WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, Wix, Squarespace, etc. 

In general, we won't work on static site generators, or custom implementation of DNN, Drupal, or Magento.

If you're not sure whether we'll support your system, just ask and we'll be happy to let you know.

We bill in advance, so we don't offer refunds for past months where you didn't use our service.

If you anticipate not needing to use us for some time, you can pause the service by emailing [email protected] and asking us to pause your service.

Hosting fees will still apply, though.

No. If we aren't providing value, we don't want to be charging you. Just send us an email to [email protected] (or reach out to your Pro) and let us know you need to cancel and we'll accommodate you.

Note that hosting is a separate service. If you cancel hosting, then we'll deactivate your website altogether. So, make sure you have somewhere else to host it before cancelling hosting.

We're happy to work with anyone on your team, including another agency who may not have the technical expertise, responsiveness, etc. that you need for your website.

That's my favorite question. At the end of the day, the Internet is a big place and nobody knows everything.

Including us.

But we'll do our best to support your business or nonprofit's digital growth. If there's something you need, we'll help you figure out the best way to get it done. Even if that means we suggest you have someone else do it.

At the end of day, our goals is to be Pro-fessionals who help other professionals get meaningful work done.

Have a question we didn't cover?

We've tried to make it easy to get started and try our unlimited web development service risk-free. But, if you still have questions, that's ok. Reach out and we'll be happy to help you out!

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