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What's Good about this Site

This site will not appeal to everyone’s design aesthetic. But, since designing with the user in mind matters more than if any general “aesthetic,” this site nails it for it’s audience. Gym owners tend to be masculine, strong, and no bull—-. This design is well-matched to that persona.

It also uses a lot of compelling custom images and video and well-matched typography to guide a visitor where they need to go. At least on the homepage.

On their product pages, they have videos of people using the products alongside photos of the products themselves. This helps prospects see the products in action and start to imagine if it’s the right equipment before reaching out. This kind of information is good for pre-qualification and great for helping customers be well-informed before a sales call.  Product pages have a large , clickable phone number to call for more information, as well as live chat and a contact button. Prospects can reach them in whichever mode they feel most comfortable.

Suggestions We Might Make

The biggest issue with this site is speed. The initial video loads slowly and several pages hang, probably because the images are so large and need to be optimized.

On their navigation menu, there’s a cart button, but no way to add an item to a cart (I don’t think e-commerce is their business). It should be removed.

Finally, on their product pages, the default paragraph font shrinks and the product images are smaller than the video. In other words, at the bottom of the funnel, the quality of the engagement goes down as these pages feel more ‘thrown together’ than the first look. Given they’re on the INC list, they’re definitely growing, but some beefier bottom of the funnel work might help take it up just one more notch.

Cool Site Features

  • Focused Niche
  • First level or two of the site makes it easy for a visitor to get where they want to go
  • Clear, skimmable blocks for navigation
  • Custom images & videos are visually engaging
  • Typography is well matched to their audience & design motif
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