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What's Good about this Site

Tier 4 is a recruiting agency out of Atlanta, Georgia and they must be killing it because they are on the Inc 5000 list as a fast growing company. The image on their homepage is a really nice, inviting image. If it’s a stock photo, it doesn’t look like it. They do a really good job of utilizing white space and it’s a sleek and simple site.

Suggestions We Might Make

Some of the moving graphics they utilize, while cool, seem to be there only for effect and end up being more distracting than anything. Many of their fonts are small and pretty close together. This makes the site hard to read and you’re not sure where your focus is supposed to be. The use of whitespace is inconsistent and there’s no clear reason why it’s utilized in some places and not others. Overall, the fonts, the moving graphics, and the white space make it hard to know which areas of the site you’re supposed to focus on. It’s also hard to know what kind of action to take as their calls-to-action are fairly small and there is no clear contact form or bottom of the funnel actions.

Cool Site Features

  • Clean
  • Simple
  • Loads quickly
  • Simple colors
  • Interesting graphics
  • Good use of whitespace in certain areas
  • Nice main image
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