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Velocity Global

What's Good about this Site

Velocity Global a company based in Denver, that helps companies expand and handle payroll overseas. This is a really good looking and well-organized site. It loads quickly and it’s easy for you to switch languages which is a great feature considering their industry. There is a good use of white space and there are clear, easy calls to action throughout the site. It’s informative, with an active blog, without being overwhelming.

Suggestions We Might Make

I would probably suggest creating more distinction between clickable and not clickable links. If somebody is really trying to find out more information these kinds of subtle things are the things that ultimately become a little bit annoying and may cause people to leave the site. Most of my thoughts are on aesthetics that are just personal preference. Overall, this is a really well-done site.

Cool Site Features

  • Regular blogging
  • Internationalization
  • Good use of white space
  • Engaging graphics
  • Videos imbedded in site
  • Great lead magnets
  • Well-designed landing pages
  • Visually engaging
  • Chat box
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