Landing Pages

Get a higher return on your ad spend with dedicated web pages designed specifically to turn website visitors into leads or sales.

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Stretch your ad dollars further

If you're driving paid traffic to your home page, stop. Unless you're a professional Internet Marketer, there's a good chance that you're losing money on your digital advertising. Landing pages are specialized pages designed to generate a higher return on advertising by focusing a prospect's attention on key offers, information, and conversions.

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Test, Learn, Repeat, Profit.

User behavior online varies based on demographics, device, and buying cycle, so getting a return on ad spend requires a test-driven approach to marketing. We'll work with you to craft those tests and create multiple variants of your landing pages to test during your ad campaign. That way, you can learn what works faster and double down on profitable campaigns while stopping unprofitable ones.

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Measure your way to success

Measurement & reporting is an important component of success. We'll work with you to create two sources of measurement, so that we can be sure the metrics aren't biased and you can know which ad spend is working...and which isn't.

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Integrate with the tools you use

Generating leads, but don't have quick follow up? Might as stop the campaign. When people interact online, they expect quick responses. We'll work with you to integrate your campaign with your Email Service Provider or CRM, so your sales reps get leads quickly. Afraid their too slow to respond? We can build an email automation sequence to help nurture and pre-qualify leads.

"They took our site from here. And brought ideas that I'd have never thought of...and I'm in marketing!"

Bob Hoffman, ePIFanyNow

The Pros Know the Web

Want Your Website Covered?

As a business owner, we know you have a lot to do. Stop wasting your time fumbling with tech questions we've already solved countless times. Book a call with a Pro to learn how we can help you get more from the web.

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