Website Design & Development Details

We’re committed to helping you get a mobile-friendly, lead-generation, SEO optimized website. Quickly.

Goals & Architecture

Make your website for for you

Do you need an informational site? Or is driving sales and leads important? We’ll work with you to figure out how to create a site that accomplishes your business goals.

Move your current website for free

Abandoned by a developer and need to move your site to a team with fast support? We’ll migrate your site to our platform for free.

Smarter sitemaps

People’s attention span on the web is short. We’ll help you organize the content on your site to maximize engagement and drive leads.

Design & Strategy

Copywriting done for you

You’re an expert at your business. We’re good at translating that to the web so more customers can engage you.

Lead-capturing landing pages

Landing pages are special pages designed to generate leads or sales. They’re included in all our websites, so that you can maximize your other marketing efforts.

Custom designs

Your business is unique. Your website should reflect that. We prototype different designs until we land on one you like.

Search-enhanced websites

We’ll identify target keywords for your business and make sure your site is optimized for search engines.

Develop & Deploy

Get up and running quickly

Once we have an approved prototype, we can typically get your site up within a few days. In general, we can launch a new site within 3 weeks.

Submit to Google

Once your site is live, we’ll submit your sitemap to Google and help you get your local presence configured online.

Develop here, deploy there

We use software development best practices to separate out development from ‘live’ environments, so there’s never an “oops” you accidentally subject your customers to.

Automatic software updates and version control

Never worry about ‘getting behind’ with technology again or losing valuable content. We keep sites version-controlled and backed up consistently.

Monitor & Optimize

Business blogging done for you

Business blogging is one of the best ways to generate content for your customers AND improve your search rankings. Our business blogging team will create and promote blog posts for your business.

Monthly strategy sessions

We’ll create a custom dashboard to monitor the effectiveness of your web presence and meet monthly to set new goals and make improvements to your website.

Responsive, Super Support

Once deployed, our Super Support team is here for you. Fast and responsive, most maintenance requests are completed within 24 hours.

100% Mobile-Friendly

Search engines give priority to mobile friendly websites. Fortunately, all of our sites come mobile-friendly, standard.

SSL Out-of-the-box

SSL certificates validate your site ownership, add an additional layer of security, and signal trustworthiness to search engines. And we provide them to you.

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CDN Enabled

CDNs allow all text, photos, videos, and other content to be served up really fast leading to enhanced search rankings and better user experiences.

DDoS & Spam Protection

With our DDos & spam protection services, you never have to worry about malicious traffic slowing down your website.

Our web development team is ready to help you build your business.

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