Has Covid-19 Shuttered Your Business?

Apply to Get a Free Super Site & Get Online, Fast.

All of us were caught off-guard by the pandemic. Some of us were caught offline, too. The Pros are looking to help local businesses get their online presence caught up, quickly.

Here's the Deal

Modify one of our high-converting, modern, pre-made Super Sites and have your new website live within a week. Need something more? No worries, we're still offering 10% off all of our other standard packages.

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Customized Website

Choose one of our Super Sites & have The Pros customize it to meet your needs.

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Pandemic Pricing

We know cash is tight, so we're trying to be as flexible as we can.

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Quick Turnaround

If you gather content & answer emails quickly, we'll get this turned around in days, not weeks.

How it works

Designing a website has a lot of moving parts. We've made it as easy as possible.

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Step 1.

Apply for a free website

In order to make sure we can deliver value - and websites - at a high level, we'll be exercising discretion for this offer. Priority will be given to local businesses hit the hardest and with the weakest online presence.

Small local businesses, nonprofits, and businesses that rely on foot traffic will be given preference. 

As much as we'd love to, we can't give away custom websites to everyone. If you're not selected, you can still purchase one of our existing website packages at a discount.

Yes, the cost of building the website is free. However, all websites incur costs of hosting, servicing, and maintaining, so you will need to purchase one of our management plans in order to get the website. They start at $99/month.

Step 2.

Choose a Super Site from our online catalog

Choose any site from one of our over 100 Super Sites available on our Swipe File. Purchase it for just $99/month, hosting & website management included.

Yes, we'll customize the website in order to reflect your branding and messaging. In some instances, that means we may add or remove modules from the Super Site. Talk to a Pro if you need extra development.

We have around 100 sites to choose from, so we don't think you'll have that problem! However, if you do, we can still work with you to get something completely custom at a price that works for you.

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Step 3.

Get it Customized

Tell us what makes you special, what services you offer, and why customers choose you over your competitors. The Pros will work with you to turn that into a website that makes your business shine and converts visitors into customers. Keep the process moving quickly with our Super Support Hub.

Generally, gathering content is what takes the most time when it comes to building a new website. Some things we'll need from you include access to your domain registrar, existing host, and any graphics or marketing materials you currently have.

It depends on the integration. For things like Instagram, Mailchimp, or other softwares that make it easy to integrate, it's not a problem. For things that require connecting with a proprietary tool - a discussion may be necessary.

Step 4.

Get it online & optimized

Once you approve your website, we deploy it to the Internet, optimize it for search, install Google Analytics, and submit your website to Google. Then, it’s up to you to promote it! If you want to improve your SEO, we suggest you consider using our SEO blogging service

No. Nobody can without some serious effort - and you usually have to pay for it. Still, we'll put your best foot forward to give your website a fighting chance. For most small, businesses, though, optimizing your Google profile and creating an active blog are the best ways to start ranking.

It depends on how much content you have readily available and how long it takes to get approvals for the work we do. Our goal is to have these turned around in days and weeks, not months. In general, we have deliverables ready within 2-3 business days of receipt.

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Ready to get started?

This pandemic caught everyone off-guard and will likely have a lasting effect on small businesses nation-wide. Let The Pros help you build a foundation you can grow from, going forward.

Our Super Sites Have all the Features Your Website Needs to Succeed

The Pros know it takes a lot to succeed on the web. Our Super Sites have everything a modern website needs to get found, convert visitors, and showcase your business.

Built on WordPress

Get your website built on the platform that powers 30% of the Internet.

Speed optimization

Website visitors hate slow websites. Which is why Google prioritizes fast sites. Like the one we'll build for you.

Website Analytics

We'll install Google Analytics and provide monthly reports on site performance.

SEO Tools

The keywords you need, in the places they belong, on infrastructure Google likes.

SSL Included

Get added security with a free SSL included on your website.

Integrate with Your Tools

We'll help you get your website set up to integrate with the tools you use to power your business.

Free Migration & Upgrade

We'll migrate any WordPress site to our servers and upgrade old software for free.

Automatic Updates

Keep your website secure & future-proofed with automatic updates of PHP, WordPress, and plugins.

Daily Backups

Move your WordPress website to our host and get daily backups of your website.

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Super Support

Need something updated? Simply email Super Support. 85% of requests are completed within 24 hours.

Why Customers Love the Pros

They've helped us develop a program that allows us to continuously talk to our everyday consumer out there and build our organic base.

Marsha Keenoy, Orange Insoles

They took our site from here...to here. And brought ideas that I'd have never thought of...and I'm in marketing!.

Bob Hoffman, ePIFanyNow

You may be wondering...

Common questions about our web design service

We know a website is an investment and you have options. We also know it can be intimidating for 'non-techy' people. Rest easy, The Pros are here to make it as easy as possible.

The short answer is the one you don't want to hear...it depends. The two biggest delays to most projects is making sure we have all the content (photos, videos, etc) and getting feedback from customers. If you have content to give us and respond to our emails quickly, we'll get this Super Site turned around within 5-7 days.

There are a few things we'll need to make this successful: your logo, any pictures, videos, product descriptions, fonts, or other items you want on the website. We'll also need access to your registrar or current webhost. Don't have a domain yet? Get one at godaddy.com

We've built a Pro-prietary work tracking system that allows customers to see the progress of everything we're working on at any time. All emails back and forth automatically get synced. If you can check email and click buttons, you're good to go.

No, you own your website. In most cases, we'll host the website on our servers, but if you choose to move providers at any time, we'll give you the most current backup of your website (we back up daily) and you can take it with you.

No, this offer is exclusive of any other promotions we're running.

No. Most small businesses were hit hard. We're helping them all hit back.

Yes. Once a website is live, it needs to be hosted and managed to ensure it's kept up to date and secure. We'll keep you at this starter rate until it makes sense for you to upgrade.

Probably not. Nobody can guarantee getting any website - especially a new website - to the top of Google. But, all of our websites are optimized as best as possible to give you a fighting chance. If you're really serious about search, we recommend our Local SEO & SEO blogging packages, in addition to a website. Talk to a Pro for more details.

E-commerce is not typically included with our basic websites. However, if you're willing to fill out your product information into a structured spreadsheet, we may make an exception. Talk to a Pro for more details. Note: we'll be giving special consideration to restaurants looking to take their menus online for curbside pickup.

Simple, just click this link to get started. Answer a few questions and a Pro will help you out promptly!

Molly Chinnock & Heather Hemmer from the 30 Clean with their responsive website built by SuperWebPros

"Anytime I need anything I simply email Super Support and all action items are done in a very timely and effective manner. All tasks feel like a priority..."

Molly Chinnock, Co-Founder of The 30 Clean

How about now? Ready?

This pandemic caught everyone off-guard and will likely have a lasting effect on small businesses nation-wide. Let The Pros help you build a foundation you can grow from, going forward.

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