Suped-Up WordPress Hosting from SuperWebPros

Every website needs a host. Thing is, most hosting is wimpy – limiting your website’s speed, security, and overall performance. With our Suped-up hosting, you get extra layers of security, speed, and optimization standard.

Web Performance Starts with the Foundation

Your webhost is like your digital plot of land. It’s where your website lives and, in the same way that the quality of your foundation impacts the integrity of your house, the quality of your web host impacts the integrity of your website. The right webhost adds additional layers of security, speed, and can help improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Added DNS Protection

Web security starts with controlling access to your website. Our DNS service sniffs out automated bots that could bring down your website and stops them before the attack starts.

CDN - Content Delivered Now

Your website’s speed matters for searchability and usability. We store all of your digital assets on a Content Delivery Network making your website faster.

SSL Standard

Google likes websites that have SSL certificates and website visitors trust them. With SuperWebPros, you get SSL, standard.

Develop First, Deploy Later

Stage changes to your website on a private development environment so that you can see the impact of changes before they’re public to the rest of the world.

Enterprise Solutions for Small Business

As a small business, it can be hard to get the same quality of support that enterprises get. With SuperWebPros, small business comes first.

Automatic Patches & Updates.

Failing to keep your software update is one of the biggest risks most small businesses run on their websites. With our Suped-Up hosting, we automatically update and patch WordPress, keeping your site current – and safe.

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Mobile First, Mobile Fast

Over 60% of Internet traffic is on a mobile device and, as of July, how fast your website loads will directly impact your search ranking. With fancy stuff like a CDN included and expert caching technology, your website won’t just be fast. It’ll be Super fast.

SSL for Every Site.

SSL certificates provided added security and trust to your website. With our Sup-ed up web hosting, SSL comes standard.

Plus, Super Support.

Our Super Support team monitors your website and ensures 99.999% uptime. Have a question or issue? 87% of customer questions are handled within 24 hours.

How Does our WordPress Hosting Service Work?

First: We Migrate Your Website for Free

We transfer your WordPress website to our servers. This is free and is typically completed within 2 business days.

Next: We Update Old Software

Been deferring maintenance for a while? Behind on software patches? We’ll update your software to the newest versions and provide any necessary patches.

Then: Optimize for the Win

We accelerate your website with a CDN, enhanced caching, and provide an SSL certificate for added security and trust.

Always: Keep it Updated & Performant

99.99% uptime is just the beginning. We’ll keep an eye on your site, automatically updating your WordPress software, upgrading plugins, and monitoring threats on the net.


Build. Maintain. Accelerate. You Can Rely On The Pros.

Build on a solid foundation

A strong website starts with a strong foundation. Our Suped-up hosting plan secures your DNS, webhost, and platform, while speeding it up and optimizing it for the future.

Have a lot of deferred maintenance?

Need updates to your website beyond hosting? Our Mighty Maintenance plan grants you unlimited access to our Super Support team, so that your website can work just as hard for your business as you do.

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Need a new website? Done.

In some cases your website software might be too old to update or upgrade. Or maybe you’ve been hacked. Either way, the Pros can build it for you. Fast.

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Content? Covered.

Content marketing is king, which is why we offer business blogging packages to help your business get noticed and take your site’s traffic to a new level.

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Plans start as low as $49/month

The Pros Make It Easy

One monthly fee. We host your website and keep it updated. If you're not satisfied, cancel anytime, risk free. No gimmicks, no strings attached. We're dedicated to serving your business website, so that you can serve your customers.