5 Manufacturing Company Homepage Designs That Demonstrate Excellence

Explore 5 manufacturing company homepages excelling in efficiency and engagement, setting high standards for B2B online interactions.

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    The manufacturing industry is one that require very high standards in their operations. There’s a reason for it too. There’s very little room for mistakes in manufacturing because mistakes are expensive and can affect the output.

    Somehow this practice of having high standards also are reflected in company homepages and these 5 companies have succeeded in doing just that. When you see a company looking really good on their homepage, it’s not very difficult for them to obtain b2b engagements through their online portal.


    As we go through these examples you will see a lot of them get technical with their services. However, good manufacturing companies like ETI know that there is a way to provide technical information in an efficient manner.

    They also know that optimized engagement is done through consistent placement of clear call to action buttons all throughout their homepage. Doing so makes the reader always have access to a button that engages with the company immediately.

    Path Robotics

    Futuristic design that spells out the future of automation in manufacturing, this homepage clearly communicates who they are and what they do both through good copy writing and design implication. The design gives that cool sci-fi feel while still maintaining a professional image.

    Automation can be overwhelming for a lot of people but this company, who are experts in what they do, easily communicate it without overwhelming the reader. THAT is what an expert does, they can say a lot with just a few words.


    Plex is another good example of all integrating all the important elements of an effective homepage. They’ve got their call to action button strongly contrasting so you don’t miss it. They have a free resource you can download so you are not leaving the page without engaging with them.

    They even have a helpful chat pop-up that connects with you while you’re browsing. These are but a few of the great tips we also share in our Xtreme Homepage Makeover Guide. Plex knows how to optimize their homepage, they sure are likely to know how to optimize your operations.

    Marion Body Works

    Just because you’re in manufacturing and most likely to do b2b transactions, doesn’t mean your homepage has to be boring. I love how Marin Body works created this continuous flow in their homepage so you feel like you need to keep scrolling.

    Each section feels exciting as well with the creative use of lines and color to connect each section. Big points for their free resource download, this is a great way to get potential client engagement. Clean, informative, and engaging, this is my favorite among the 5.


    Just from their homepage above the fold, you already know important information of what they do and why they’re good at it. This is how you effectively convey your company information without saying too many things in a form of a full-blown article.

    To further legitimize their claim of excellence, they have also provided testimonials from their clients. This is quite important and more effective than just placing “who we work with”. Never underestimate the beneficial power of authentic reviews from your clients.

    Optimization For Efficiency and Engagement

    Every gear is optimized for the overall effective performance of a machine. In a manufacturing line that also means every aspect of the operations is standardized for efficiency so you can make the most production in a given time.

    In a homepage time is also of the essence. You want every aspect of the homepage carefully designed properly so that a potential client on your homepage will not waste time in deciding to choose you as their preferred supplier.

    Get your clients engaging with you by creating that beautiful and meaningful reading experience on their homepage.

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