Best 10 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Ideas for 2022

With the benefits of email marketing documented all over the web, here are the best 10 Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas for 2022 that will give your business a headstart to Valentine’s Day sales and profits.

Valentines email marketing ideas

It’s 2022, and love is in the air yet again this year. 

From heart-shaped candies to salon and spa treatments, consumers have over the years quickly adopted Valentine’s Day as an excuse to spend money on their loved ones, their pets, and themselves.  

So there’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is indeed great for business.

1. Visually Charm your Email Marketing list

A well-written subject line, compelling content, accompanied by eye-catching graphics will entice your subscribers to read your emails.

Then combine that with Valentine’s Day promotions and more of your subscribers will be driven to your website, and ultimately to conversion.

Does your website get traffic, but fails to convert it? Talk to a Pro to help you turn more visitors into leads & customers.

2. Run a Valentine’s Day Sale

Valentine's Day sale email marketing idea example

Running a sales campaign has proved to be an effective strategy over the years.

Using email marketing to offer special discounts on select Valentine’s Day-themed products is one way of giving back to your customers.

Not only does it entice them to shop from your store, but it also boosts your sales.

Here are a few other ideas on how to give back to your customers and thank them for choosing you especially on a day like Valentine’s Day.

  • Free treats for dinner couples, e.g. a free dessert, cocktail, or a rose for each couple.
  • Free shipping, etc.
  • “Buy one, get one free” deals.

3. Appreciate Your Email marketing list

With plenty of love in the air, let some of it be directed towards your email marketing list. 

Rather than having them buy gifts for their significant others, give a gift to them instead.

Send out an email offering a Valentine’s Day-themed gift with every purchase before Valentine’s Day, or a voucher with a unique promo code just like the one below.

Gift voucher example

Or better still; send them a Valentine’s Day e-card as well just to make them feel special.

This presents you the opportunity to show love and appreciation to your loyal customers as you subtly promote your products.

4. Create an interactive email marketing campaign

Using email marketing, reach out to your email list and engage them this Valentine’s Day 2022 with Valentine quizzes or polls.

Valentine's Day quiz

As their token of love to you, ask your email list to give your business a review, which will help to attract new customers.

And because their reviews are their love letters to you, as they rehash their good experiences with you, it will also help strengthen your relationship with them.

You can further ask your email list to share some of their horrible dating experiences as well as their best love stories, with an incentive in exchange, like discounts and other free items.

The very best stories can then be featured in your blogs, add keywords to them to rank better, and promote brand awareness.

5. Redefine Valentine’s Day

NatGeo agrees that Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about love, and it still holds today. So Valentine’s Day is perceived differently by different people.

For instance

We have plenty of single people, either by choice or circumstances.

Some consumers would rather spend their money on family members, children, co-workers, pets, and even themselves.

And others simply choose to be anti-Valentine’s Day.

So what does this mean?

Almost half of your consumers will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day. 

And instead of alienating them by strictly promoting Valentine’s Day gifts for a significant other, use this opportunity to redefine Valentine’s Day, and make it inclusive for everybody.


Include the singles in your email marketing campaigns with pampering offers like a single party, salon, spa, etc.

Or better still, you can also create a separate email marketing campaign for the broken-hearted or those who want to celebrate with their families, co-workers, friends, or beloved pets.

Also, depending on the nature of your products, you can choose to take an anti-Valentine’s Day position and target those who just can’t deal with the romantic stuff.

Anti-Valentine's Day email marketing idea example

6. Create a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Help your customers find something they’ll want to give to their loved ones by creating a downloadable gift guide sent specially to them through promotional email marketing.

This gives you an opportunity to promote your new products or services, or you can even make gift suggestions for products that you don’t personally offer at your business.

Not only will your customers feel special, their trust in you too will be strengthened since you just helped them solve a problem.

7. Accommodate last-minute shoppers

So many of us are last-minute people. Email your list and let them know that you’re extending your hours on Valentine’s Day, as you create a sense of urgency reminding them of the offers and that time is running out.

Valentine's Day count down example for last-minute shoppers

And who knows, they could just as well come in and buy a gift on their way to meet their date.

Not only will you be catering to last-minute shoppers, but you’re also giving them an incentive to spend more.

8. Promote Relevant Products

Clothing, jewelry, flowers, and candy are some of the traditional Valentine’s Day purchases.

However, as Valentine’s Day is being redefined, so are the product categories.

Some customers prefer spa services and self-care books, among others.

And even if you don’t sell traditional Valentine’s Day products, you can still carry out creative and effective email marketing on Valentine’s Day to redefine your products too.

For example

Creatively marketing non-traditional Valentine's Day products example
This would be perfect for pizza sales

9. Collaborate with Other Local Businesses 

Look for other industry-related businesses that complement your brand and ask them to work with you.

Find businesses whose items are frequently bought along with yours and do a joint email marketing campaign with both your email subscriber lists.

For instance, florists can partner with local bakers and sweet shops, a shoe store with a purse and clothing store, a nail salon with a hair salon. Etc.

Not only will you offer your clients a variety of options, you will also reach a wider audience at a low cost. 

10. Use Targeted Popups

Valentine's Day email popup example

A successful sales campaign is achieved through a combination of sales popups, promotional emails, and a targeted email list, full of interested subscribers.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, create a promotion popup just like the one above, guiding visitors to the landing page where the sale is happening.

Do you need popup examples? Download the resource.


With plenty of consumers gift shopping online and millions of businesses targeting the same consumers, those are the best 10 Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas for 2022 that will bring your store to the forefront of Valentine’s Day competition.


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