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Creating a New Project

Projects are also a huge part of what you might need from us.

Projects = Adding new features or functionality to your website. If you want your website to do something different than it currently does, then it’s a project.

Common examples might be upgrading your website to handle online ordering or setting it up to integrate with an email provider.

If you’re not sure if what you need is a project, it’s not a big deal, just create a support a ticket and we’ll figure it out.

To Add Projects

From your home screen, select Projects.

On your projects dashboard, you’ll see Active Project, Project Queue, and Completed Projects.

From here, click Add New Project.

Fill in the appropriate information and click Save.

This will move your project into your Project Queue. Like content, depending on your plan, we will work on one active project a time. When they are complete, they will move to Completed Projects and we will get started on the next project in the queue.

Technical Support

Still have a question? We're here to help you. Reach out via chat below or open a support ticket.

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