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How We Manage Customer Content

One of the best things about SuperWebPros’ “On-demand Web Design Service” is that you can add new content to your website when you need it.

That means no more having to scope an entire project or undergo extensive redesigns every few years. 

Your website can be managed incrementally and will always be aligned with your business, marketing, or technological needs.

Content Overview

The definition of “Content” is broad and we intend it to be. 

This gives you flexibility to use our service for new webpages, landing pages, sales funnels, or blog posts – depending on which plan you have.

The only caveat is how much Active Content will be in process at any given time.

In general, we will have one page at a time in “Active” development, and one under “Revision”

That doesn’t mean you can’t “queue up” other content or attach items to it (in fact, we encourage it!), but it does mean that they won’t be actively developed until the content in process is put into “Customer Review.”

An example

For example, let’s imagine you want 4 pieces of content created:

  1. A “Home” page
  2. A “Services” page
  3. An “About” page
  4. A “Contact” page

If you added the “Home” page first, we’d get started on that one, first.

Within a few days, we’d have a Proof for you to review.

Once that Proof is sent to you, we’d start working on your “Services” page, while you review & provide feedback on the “Home” page.

After a few days, you approve the “Home” page, which means that page is ready to be published online.

At that point, we’d start working on the “About” page and the “Contact” page would remain in the queue until the “Services” Proof is sent.

This process repeats until all queued content is complete.

You can keep editing Content at all stages

From the Super Support Hub, you can edit Content at every stage of development.

For example, let’s imagine the “About” page is in the queue at the time your photographer sends back new headshots of you and your team. You log into the Super Support Hub, navigate to the “Content Planned,” and click on to the “About” page. From there, you can upload those photos to the page, so they’re ready for us when we start develoment.

Why this approach?

While it may seem like rate-limiting work like this would slow things down, it actually speeds them up dramatically.

The reason is because most of the time, websites are delayed because content gathering takes a long time.

If your organization requires approvals or has multiple stakeholders, it can take even longer.

This approach keeps everyone (including your boss!) focused on 1-2 pages at a time, instead of the entire site.

It’s much less overwhelming to most people and, once they’re in the rhythm, much, much faster.

It also makes it much easier to know the exact status of the website because, after all, a website is just a collection of web pages. When the queue is clean, the website is “done” (though a good website is never really, “done”).

Or, at the very least, all the content we’ve been able to coordinate together is “ready” to be published online.

How to see the status of your Content

To see the status of all your Content, click the “Content” tab from your dashboard.

From there, you can see what Content is “In Process,” what is “Planned,” and what is “Published.”

Hovering over any row will allow you to edit or delete Content, as you desire.

Finally, you can quickly see what Content is “In Process” directly from your dashboard.

Technical Support

Still have a question? We're here to help you. Reach out via chat below or open a support ticket.

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