What is a Sales Funnel And How It Can Help Small Businesses

In this podcast, Jesse Flores explains why funnels are so important and how they are a key element to help small businesses grow.

The traditional funnel approach 

Imagine a triangle that’s upside down so that its very wide base is at the top, and at the bottom is the point, and it’s very narrow.

The idea is that you want to put as many people on the top knowing that you’ll have shrinkage and at the bottom, you’ll get a customer or hopefully more than one coming out of the bottom of the funnel.

How does an online funnel look like? 

Think of a funnel as being your online sales process. It is essentially about creating an environment online, where you are intentionally moving somebody from one part of a site or an experience into another, with the idea of getting them to convert.

How it can help small businesses grow?

Conversion could be in the form of them giving you some kind of information, whether it’s a name, phone number, email address, or ideally, a purchase.


  •   [02:57] Various ways in which you can digitize funnels online.
  •   [03:49] The idea behind a funnel.
  •   [04:40] The leading three essential funnel strategies among others, for small businesses.
  •  [05:29] Why funnels are a necessity to every business.