GA4 Migration by the Pros

Warning: Google Will Stop Tracking Website Performance This Summer!

Starting July 1st, your old Google Analytics will stop working and all your valuable website traffic data will be lost...unless you migrate to GA4!

Here’s the situation…

The current Google Analytics code was engineered for the web of 10 plus years ago – the web that barely included smartphones, let alone connected devices like Siris and Alexas and Teslas.

Screenshot of iphone5 2013

That means it’s not as good as it could be at tracking all the different behaviors across all the different devices that smart business owners, marketers, and website managers should be using to improve the performance and effectiveness of their websites.

So, at the end of June, the ‘old’ version of Google Analytics will be retired and it is crucial that you upgrade if you want your data to continue to be tracked.

Now, if you know what that means and why it matters, you should go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of this page, so that you can go ahead and get started with your upgrade.

In case you don’t know much about this…

In addition to better tracking data across all apps and devices, GA4 also provides smarter insights, analytics, and reporting.

It’s AI has gotten better at detecting and analyzing trends in user behavior, offering better insights into how to improve engagement, conversion rates, and, SEO, and ultimately, ROI.

But I don’t use all that info…😟

Then, shame on you.

That’s like hiring Albert Einstein to teach first grade math.


It’s a total waste of resources.

And this is the problem with most small business that keeps them in a never ending boom/bust cycle.

You spend several thousand $$$s to get a product that could be your most productive asset for sales and marketing…after all it doesn’t take sick days, it doesn’t complain about getting a raise, and it begs to work harder.

How many of your employees do that? 🤔

Here’s the thing: the data that’s in your analytics directly impacts your marketing ROI, including your rankings in Google because factors like visitor growth, time on site, conversion rates, and sales impact your search rankings.

For years, Google has used usability and performance metrics as attributes of it’s algorithm. It’s not just “keywords” anymore…and hasn’t been for years!

So Google gives you all the data you need to understand how to do better…if only you choose to pay attention.

But this is hard…😩

I get it. This can seem like “just another thing.”

But, the reality is, with GA4 and a Pro in your corner it doesn’t have to be.

See, we understand how all of this “techie stuff” works. We see the context that matters, and we see through the junk that most techies and marketers use to obfuscate the lack of results.

For example, we had a client who was getting scammed by one agency. He was paying a few thousand dollars a month for traffic and they were sending him these amazing reports showing thousands of visits a month as a result of their ‘work’.

Except, one look at Google Analytics and we could tell right away that it was 🐂💩 traffic.

A lot of traffic, from outside his region of the country, all “on site” for less than 2 seconds, with a bounce rate of 99%.

Bots. 🤖🤖🤖

Thousands of dollars per month in bots. 💸💸💸💸

We had another client we’ve been working with for a while – an ecommerce company – and we could tell (by looking at analytics) which pages were the most valuable and which content was the most intriguing.

This allows us to reorganize the buyer’s journey, ensuring there are relevant offers on highly trafficked pages, leading to double digit increases in leads and sales.

At the same time, we could tell which pages were the most valuable on the journey, so we knew we needed to steer people at the top of the funnel to specific mid-funnel pages in order to increase the likelihood of conversion.

In each of these cases, the results vary from saving thousands of dollars a month in wasted ad spend to making significantly more than that in lead and customer acquisition because of smart decisions.

But it starts with understanding your data.

So, we have two options for you.

Option 1: The “Starter” Migration

If you’re the kind of business owner who doesn’t get a lot of traffic or really understand much about Google Analytics, but also wants to make sure your website data doesn’t stop getting tracked, this is the option for you.

For just $399 $199, we’ll migrate your Google Analytics to GA4, make sure it’s properly connected to Google Search, and loaded into your website with Google Tag Manager.

These 3 products are the core Google products you need in order to make data-driven decisions online.

But, in addition to getting all this migrated and configured for you, we’ll also configure automated email reports to go to you monthly, so you don’t have to log in and ‘remember’ to look at your Google metrics every month.

In addition to that, you’ll also get a half hour strategy session with a Pro to review your metrics, help you interpret them, and give you a plan you can use for making your website work just a little bit harder.

After all, you work hard, shouldn’t this asset?

Offer Expires April 23th!

Ready to Upgrade Your Analytics? Save up to $300 Today!

Now, all of this – the migration to GA4, the configuration of Google Search Console & Google Tag Manager, the monthly email, and the strategy session is only $199 before April 23.

After that, the early bird pricing goes away and the price will jump to $399.

Heck, we charge $200 just for a strategy session with a Pro, so you’re already ahead of the pack with this deal.

Option 2: For E-Commerce Companies & Advertisers

If you sell e-commerce or are doing online advertising, you should have event and goal tracking set up. You should also be integrated with Google Tag Manager and AdWords.

For those of you in that situation, we will provide the same migration, but include migrating all of your events and goals to to GA4 & Google Tag Manager.

You’ll also receive a monthly report detailing how your website is doing with Google Analytics.

But we’ll also connect your report to Google Search Console and our own proprietary website health report.

And yes, you’ll get a 30-minute strategy session as well.

For you, we’ll provide this migration for just $399 during this early bird special. After April 23rd, it’ll go up to $799.

But I already get reports from the ad company i work with…


Those reports can be helpful, but they always need to be double checked against Google, which has the smartest people on the planet building the most sophisticated tracking systems with no incentive in profiting from the transaction.

See, while marketing agencies and softwares have an incentive to show you how great things are, Google has the opposite incentive.

(Remember my story about bots above 💸🤖)

ProTip: It’s not really that hard to spoof traffic to show ‘results.’ If your agency is sending a lot of traffic, but you’re not seeing (m)any conversions, look at where the traffic is coming from, the bounce rate, and time on site. If the traffic is from a foreign location, the bounce rate above 95%, and the time on site less than 5 seconds, it’s highly likely you’re paying for fake traffic!

They want the whole Internet to be great and so show you data you need to make better decisions.

By being brutally honest with you, they accomplish their mission.

Remember, Google gets paid, not when you sell, but when your customers search.

So, they are incentivized to keep ‘crappy’ sites down so the best ones can rise.

I’m not saying that other agencies’ or software third-party reports are bad – in fact, we use some of those very same tools to manage our own data…

I’m only saying there’s an implicit conflict of interest and so you want to trust, but verify.

Most of my business comes from my network. Do I absolutely need this?

If you’re not interested in managing your business website, using data to make your website more productive, or figuring out how to make customers – and google – happy with your website, no.

Let July come, stop tracking data on your website and keep flying blind.

If it’s worked ths long, it’ll work a little longer.

But, if you do want your site working as hard as you do. And you want a clear path to performance. And you want to make your website work harder using data, then yes, you will need to migrate from UA to GA4.

Fortunately, we’ve made it easy for you to select which option is right for and we look forward to helping you make your site work at least as hard as you do! 👇👇👇