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A website is an essential part of your marketing mix. Get one that looks great and gets leads.

You know you need a website. How hard is yours working?

In the 21st Century, every business needs a website. It’s the cornerstone of your digital presence. Yet, many small business websites fail to generate leads, produce sales, protect customer data, or reflect a business’ brand. And many developers focus more on making a website “pretty” than successful. SuperWebPros is the Lansing web development company that does websites differently.

Super Simple

Getting started is easy. We’ll migrate any WordPress website for free.

Super Design

Get a design that promotes your business and is set up with tools to measure success.

Super SEO

We optimize on-page SEO to make sure you stand the best change of ranking in search engines.

Super Support

After launch is just the beginning. We monitor metrics, provide free updates, and responsive email support.

We’re not an agency. And that’s a good thing.

Lots of agencies and freelancers will sell you a website. They may be great at marketing, but do they have the expertise to make your website achieve it’s potential? Our laser-focus on web technology ensures that we get you a website that’s not just attractive, but also fast, secure, conversion-optimized, data-driven, and future-proofed. It’s enterprise quality, with small business affordability.

Enterprise Quality. Small Business Affordability.

Is there any part of your business that changes as fast as technology does? Our focus on web technology means we have a deeper understanding of how the web works today – and are looking to how it will work in the future. The benefit? Your website stays current and your business stays relevant.

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Mobile First, Mobile Fast

Over 60% of Internet traffic is on a mobile device and your website’s speed directly impacts search ranking. With fancy stuff like CDNs and caching included in every website, it won’t just be fast. It’ll be Super fast.

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Haystack, Meet Website

Search engine optimization isn’t just about keywords anymore. Your platform’s speed, security, shareability, quality of content, and tons of other factors influence ranking. That said, on page optimization still matters. And, with SuperWebPros, we’ve got it covered. So your business has the best possible chance of getting found. (Our business blogging service helps, too.)

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Conversions, Counted.

Lots of companies build websites. Our websites build businesses. Every website we build is optimized for conversions and tracks goal completions. Quarterly strategy sessions with a Pro let you know how your website is working for your business.

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Seriously Secure

Cybersecurity is important – even for small businesses. And, with changes in legislation (like GDPR), you can’t afford to ignore security. Of course, no system is perfect, but we secure the server, the DNS host, interactions with browsers, and have monitoring software to catch malware. Your website may not be Fort Knox, but its about as close as it can be.

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Pro-active, Super Support

After we launch is just the beginning. Rather than adopting a “set it and forget it” attitude towards your website, we take it under management and keep the software current and platform tuned to keep it secure and search-optimized. Quarterly strategy sessions with a Pro makes sure its working for your business and our unlimited, responsive Super Support addresses 87% of customer requests within 24 hours.

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Build. Maintain. Accelerate. You Can Rely On The Pros.

We grow websites, so you can grow your business.

We don’t just respond to help desk tickets. We work hand-in-hand with your organization to make sure that your web presence is driving real, measurable traffic to your business, no matter what your needs.

Suped-Up Hosting

The foundation of a good website is fast, secure host and a good team to keep your software updated. Our Suped-Up Hosting plan does just that.

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Deferred maintenance?

Need updates to your website beyond hosting? Our Mighty Maintenance plan grants you unlimited access to our Super Support team, so that your website can work just as hard for your business as you do.

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Content? Covered.

Content marketing is king, which is why we offer business blogging packages to help your business get noticed and take your site’s traffic to a new level.

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What Are You Waiting For? Get a New Website + Year of Support for Just $999

With SuperWebPros, you’re getting more than just a website. You’re partnering with a Pro who will make sure your website works for your business. With leading technology, pro-active support, quarterly check-ins, and fast email response to most issues, it’s a website experience unlike any other. Get started today and save 58% on an annual plan!

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