5 Examples of Pet Grooming Homepages That Make You Feel Uncertain for Your Pet

Discover essential tips for transforming your pet grooming website into a professional online space that effortlessly attracts clients.

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    This post is not meant to spread any kind of hate towards the Pet Grooming websites that we are listing down here as examples. The goal of this post is really to point out weak points in each of these homepages and why potential customers would think twice about booking a schedule with these brands.

    Now to be clear, we’re not saying that these brands are bad but we’re definitely saying there are aspects of their homepages that are in need of a clean-up and correction so they too can be constantly having bookings from potential customers like these guys.

    So what are some of these bad practices in web design that these homepages implement? Let’s check it out!

    Pet Ranch

    There’s a way to communicate your credibility as a business and it’s not through flashing them as first priority objects above the first fold of your homepage. To some it may seem annoying or unnecessary, to others it might even be desperate.

    Instead of awards and recognition badges, what people would like to see are reviews from real customers who have already tried out your services. Knowing that you are already tried and tested by others can be reassuring for someone who’s only about to try your business.

    There’s also the case of the mobile view. While it got some parts of the homepage adjusting to the width of the mobile display, key sections are just cut off. To be fair this homepage did cover some good practices like providing a live chat and clearly posting the contact number way up top, but there’s a lot to be done in cleaning up the welcome banner.

    Julian’s Pet Grooming

    This is an example of a homepage that has partially understood some of the good practices such as providing important links and call to action items. However, this is the danger of partial application where good practices need to be completely followed for them to be effective.

    If a new user comes in, the whole bunch of text with multiple links is not helpful in telling them where to go and what to do. Arranging this is a visually helpful way will guide the reader along the homepage while also providing proper buttons to click leading to important actions like booking a schedule or learning more about their brand.

    To me, when I see a homepage like this it might even tell me that the brand doesn’t care enough to really provide helpful information for their potential clients. But I could be wrong, perhaps the brand just needs help and don’t know where to start. That’s what our team is good for, you can schedule a free consultation with us and we can help you get started with having a more professional homepage.

    Fluff n Suds

    To point out the good, I’d like to direct your gaze up to its upper portion with the contact information clear as day for everyone to see. This is a good thing. Another good thing is the cute use of its colors and brand identity to give the website a certain unique vibe.

    Where it falls short is in the lack of effort to design the homepage that facilitates a behavior for anyone who visits the page. It simply becomes and online brochure or calling card. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you miss out on the opportunity to provide a tempting offer then you’re missing out on every potential customer that was just one offer away from booking with you.

    Take advantage of your homepage and provide exclusive time-bound offers that gets them clicking away and converting from being just a visitor into an actual customer.

    Barking Lot Pet Grooming

    Guys, if you’re dealing with digital you have to remember to try to keep up with the times! Updating your homepage at least once a year, will make visitors feel like your information is also updated and are still valid for use (e.g. contact information, address). If you look like your homepage was last updated 8 years ago, people will wonder if your business is still open.

    There’s also so much digital real estate on the first look of a homepage. Use it to your advantage to let your customers know where you’re from, what you do, and how to reach you. You can also use it to provide interesting offers that will at least put them in the next step of engagement which is to contact you to get something from that offer. (e.g. 20% off your first booking with us!)

    Pampered Paws

    Once again another website that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the pandemic. The pandemic is already over and yet the 2nd most attention-grabbing item in this homepage is that they are covid19 compliant.

    They have some good points for directly communicating what they do which is self dog wash. But again they do something we discourage websites from doing in the first section of their homepage: logo redundancy. One placement of logo that can freeze as you scroll down the page is enough.

    While there is indeed helpful information on the website, the font is just not helpful for those who might have trouble reading. You’re not trying to write a thesis paper, you’re trying to provide information that is easy to read for website visitors.

    Pamper Your Homepage and The Customers Will Book

    I try to write over the concerns of these homepages with a touch of humor here and there but these are really serious factors that might be why people reconsider booking with your business. It’s the little things that counts and people in the internet are very judgy. You want to make sure you are covering as many areas of convenience for your potential clients as possible.

    Doing a makeover for your website might be overwhelming and that is understandable. But if you look at the points I made over this post, you can see that most of these homepages can actually start off by just correcting a few things at a time: reducing the text used, providing a call to action (even just one!) and just focusing on how you can help your website visitors.

    These small changes can be found in our Xtreme Homepage Makeover Guide that have 12 tips on how to start getting your website on a professional level.

    Johnn Mendoza

    Johnn is a bird lover, freediver, and bookworm. He has been blogging since 2005 and enjoys learning about new technologies that helps society progress.

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