5 Hotel Homepages That Make You Reserve a Room Instantly! (2 of them are Budget Hotels!)

Discover how top hotels master homepage design, blending customer service excellence with digital class for the ultimate user experience.

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    The hospitality industry is all about excellence in customer service. That means they as an industry, understand what it means to put a customer on top priority. With that kind of customer-first mindset, we can only expect good examples in how they treat homepage design.

    Google particularly likes that kind of behavior. If you focus on giving the website visitor the best user experience, you have higher chances of ranking in search engines. Let’s learn about what makes these Hotel Homepages worthy of being part of our Top 5.


    Worthy of its name which means paradise, Shangri-la uses a beautiful blend of beauty and functionality. You can see that they’re not too overly artistic in a way that comes out snobbish or out-of-touch with their homepage visitors. Careful though is placed in what information is provided in the homepage.

    Despite having multiple branches all over the world, they’ve really focused on guiding the user throughout the homepage without overwhelming with too much content. This is how branding is consistent for Shangri-la. The first moment you engage with their brand you already begin the 5-star experience in their homepage.

    Best Western Hotels

    When it comes to travel and tourism, visitors are always on the lookout for value-for-money offers. Best Western, having a very diverse portfolio of different categories of hotels, took the corporate approach and maximized their offer provision on their homepage.

    Don’t be afraid to do promotions on your homepage. What’s most important though is that you are essentially still providing value to your readers instead of shoving advertising on their face like an annoying billboard. It’s normal for hotels to up-sell services and add-ons to their in-house guests. How they do it is what separates them from unpleasant hotels.

    Hotels by Hilton

    You know what I really appreciate about their homepage? It loaded immediately! No loading heavy videos, no unnecessary clutter or elements that get in the way of my reading experience. Going through the homepage and searching for information was A BREEZE!

    Just by reading the homepage I already feel like I’m in a vacation. And similar to Best Western, a tempting blue offer banner with a clear call-to-action button is a classy way to really hook the visitors into becoming guests of the hotel

    Super 8 Motels

    Now here’s our entry from the budget category. Just because you’re hitting the budget market it doesn’t mean you have to forget about providing a good experience for your guests. Super 8 Motel’s homepage focuses on informing their future guests by keeping the copy simple and easy to read.

    All throughout the homepage are several call to action buttons so that their visitors won’t leave the website without engaging in some way. That is essentially what your homepage should be successful with: engagement.

    Red Planet Hotels

    If you’re traveling in Asia, it is likely that you will encounter this budget hotel. They pride themselves for having a 5 star experience for the price of a 1 star hotel. What is interesting about their homepage is their bold choice of design that integrates graphics in a way that creates one large unit.

    You might even say their homepage is quite similar to an airlines homepage. Their homepage is easy for those already wanting to make a reservation while also up selling the countries where their hotels are located. Bonus points for the cute subscription pop-up that ensures you won’t be leaving without connecting with their brand.

    Customer Service Mindset

    Hotels and resorts are great places to learn about how customer service is done. Because customer service is an experience, they understand how important it is to tie it to their brand. Whether it is a phone call, their representatives carrying their name outside the hotel premises, or even on their website, they know how important it is to make a customer (or potential guest) feel good.

    If you think like a hotelier while designing your homepage, you too can bring in more customers for your business at the same time retaining them for a lifetime. There’s always room for improvement even if you don’t really plan to completely change your website. You can start with the small things as mentioned in our Xtreme Homepage Makeover Guide and you can even those changes yourself!

    For anything larger than small tweaks, there are professionals who can help you, schedule a commitment-free consultation session with us!

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