5 Real Estate Homepages That Know How To Sell Properties FAST

Learn from leading real estate homepages: their effective design strategies can boost your website's presence and conversion rates.

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    With over millions of properties up for sale on a daily basis, it is an overwhelming industry for anyone interested to get some web presence. There’s a lot of money in big companies who know who to hire to design the best way to get a reader buying into their selection of properties.

    There’s no need to get left behind in this very competitive industry; you too can learn what makes a great real estate homepage by learning from some of the industry celebrities online. Check out these 5 homepages that are using some very clever and effective practices in website design that convert readers to buyers.


    The essence of websites revolve around the ability to provide a solution or answer to people searching or asking a certain question. Home simply offers a creative message as well as direct approach to offering solutions to their readers. And if the reader isn’t completely sure about how to begin, they’ve made finding an agent one click away just at the upper part of their homepage.


    A combination of offering a solution to finding a trustworthy real estate company at the same time confidently declaring their unique selling proposition, Realtor.com takes advantage of first impressions for any first time visitor to their site.

    The messaging is strong and the provision of information in a neat array under “Discover how we can help” definitely speaks volumes about how they want to be of help to visitors instead of focusing on “look at me and my brand!”


    Zillow is definitely one of the industry leaders online and they have a reason for being so. Because their whole thing is about connecting buyers and sellers, they skip the whole “look at this house” or “this property is on sale!” Instead, they focus on providing easy ways to get a visitor to sign-up through their effective call-to-action button placement.

    “Sign-in” is clearly placed on the homepage without looking annoying. On-brand, clean, they’re definitely selling houses.


    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve encountered an ambiguous website that requires some scrolling before I figure out what the website is for. In this case, Rent knows what they want people to know about them and directly communicates it. The beautiful choice of contrasting colors and typefaces make the text and choices easy to read.

    It only takes a few seconds for a reader to decide whether or not they want to stay on the page so you really want to keep it to the essentials like Rent did.


    Even in this age of digital, you want to make sure you provide a way for your visitors to reach you without them having to go through a maze of pages. Redfin’s beautiful homepage confidently provides all the necessary links and most importantly, a contact information that readers can find quickly.

    If people had to choose you over the competitor, you want to make sure they won’t struggle with finding out how to contact you.

    To A Better Digital Home(page)

    Essentially all these principles are covered in our Guide for Website Updates to Improve Lead Generation. Because of these best practices, these real estate websites we just enumerated, are ranking better in Google search. Google focuses a lot on readers having the best experience or at least getting value out of a website they have provided in their search results.

    The better the experience, the more Google ranks you higher. So even just following simple changes like cleaning up your homepage can drastically improve your website traffic.

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