5 Travel Agency Homepages That Get You Excited For Your Next Vacation

Explore how top travel agencies craft compelling homepages that turn visitors into travelers, setting the stage for unforgettable journeys.

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    Traveling is such a large industry and everyone seems to want to be in this industry. Why wouldn’t they? The idea of a working on something which we all love: vacations, is truly a dream job. But the truth about travel as an industry is that there’s a lot of competition.

    To stay ahead of the competition, most if not all travel agents have taken their place in the digital space to make sure that anyone who even begin to search for a query on a particular destination, they will be there ready to serve.

    But what makes a travel homepage effective? It’s not enough that a homepage ranks first in Google search. Closing the deal and really landing that booking depends a lot on how your homepage works for your visitors.

    Huffman Travel

    Going through a lot of travel agency webpages I kind of got overwhelmed with the homepages that readily displayed several vacation packages. If you’re selling something of greater value, you don’t need to be pushing too much “promo” offerings in the face of the reader.

    Huffman Travel’s angle is that of luxury and they have capture it in a clean homepage which communicates what they do. Clear call to action buttons are present all throughout as you scroll. I particularly found “Join Our Waitlist” clever and implicating exclusivity.

    Pack Up + Go

    Some travel websites will have a gimik or a unique service that makes them different from most travel companies. Pack Up + Go clearly communicates what they do in their homepage. No need for excessive articles explaining why they do it or how to avail their service.

    Clean visuals, easy to find call-to-action buttons, and even a conspicuous promotional focus item at the top most, this website doesn’t try too hard because they know if you do it right, the reader will book their services.


    Among the travel company homepages, this had to be my favorite. Micato Safaris homepage looks like something taken out from a National Geographic Magazine cover. The beautiful visuals while organizing information for convenient skimming and a very conspicuous contact information makes Micato my top example for this list.

    Displaying awards is something most companies want to do immediately on the top most part of their homepage. For me that just screams insecurity and it takes away the focus on providing helpful information for new guests. There’s a place for it and Micato placed it well with consideration for reader’s needs.


    Travel company homepages don’t need to look overloaded to sell their services. Zicasso takes an artistic almost minimalist approach to their design. Knowing exactly what their readers are looking for, they arrange their information in a clean fashion.

    Big points for also having their contact information conspicuous and easy to find. Don’t you find it frustrating when you want to contact a company and you need to play the game of hide and go seek just to find their number.

    Adventures by Disney

    See, even Disney knows that having a contact number that is easy to find is VERY important to having an effective homepage. If Disney, a multi-billion dollar company is doing it, why shouldn’t you? Their homepage also has interesting offers that are time-bound.

    Everybody loves free stuff, offering something of value without having your new readers fully committed just yet, can get potential guests a step into becoming your customers. We talk more about important features of your homepage that Disney is doing for their own websites, in our Xtreme Homepage Makeover Guide.

    Start Their Vacation Right

    Every traveler’s dream destination or vacation starts with them planning it in the comforts of their own home. There’s a lot of concern and doubts when they are in the planning stage. Is their agent trustworthy? Is everything going to fall into place? What else should I know prior to my trip?

    Your job as a travel agency or company is to provide that help even before your guests book with you. Not necessarily already booking their trip for them, but providing all those helpful information in your homepage. You don’t need to overload it, follow those homepages we just shared and you are on the right track.

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