Best St Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines

For those of us who aren’t Irish, St. Patrick’s Day may not seem like a huge deal in the marketing world. We’re here to say that this holiday is a hidden gem full of opportunity!

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    Most Creative Email Subject Lines for St. Patrick’s Day 

    Why not take advantage of this National Holiday and make the most for your business with the best St Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines?

    It is celebrated in dozens of countries around the world. It may have started out in Christianity, but now it’s a secular occasion where people get together for parties, parades, and green beer.

    Why Focus on the Subject Line?

    Take a moment to think about what makes you want to read an email. With the number of emails we receive each day, the subject line has to stand out for you to even consider opening it. Usually, it has to be something somewhat compelling for it to not end up in the trash bin right away. 

    Before stressing over the content of your email of which St. Patrick’s Day images you want to include, consider the general voice of your business and your customers’ own wants and values. 

    So, before you pass up on this beloved holiday, it’s time to get inspired with some of our favorite subject lines! 

    First up, we have the “lucky” subject lines. Prefacing your holiday deals with anything referring to luck is sure to be an eye-catcher. Adding a little shamrock leaf emoji or other St. Patrick’s Day image can really help it stand out from the rest of your customers’ boring emails:

    • Feeling Lucky? St. Patrick’s Day Deals Are Here. 
    • Lucky You! New gear is here for St. Patrick’s Day 
    • You’re in Luck: Here’s Our St. Patrick’s Day Collection 
    • Your lucky day: 15% off sitewide! 
    • St. Patrick’s Day deals start NOW
    • You don’t need luck! You need premium. 
    • LAST DAY before your luck runs out

    Now, no one can really think of St. Patrick’s Day without thinking of the special significance of wearing green. Send out your emails with these green-themed lines.

    • Sham-Rock This Style! 
    • 20% off all green clothing today/this week
    • Gear up for St. Patrick’s Day
    • Get free shipping this St. Patrick’s Day!
    • Add green to your wardrobe this St. Patrick’s Day 
    • Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Save some green with these deals. 
    • Shop green this St. Patrick’s Day 
    • Get inspired with our St. Patrick’s Day essentials

    Even though leprechauns are just creatures of Irish folklore, they’ve been heavily associated with St. Paddy’s Day. Tag them along in these fun examples:

    • Leprechaun loot! Shirts start at just $15 
    • Look, it’s a leprechaun! Jk, it’s a flash sale
    • Find your pot of gold here at our 20% off sale

    Finally, these are great ideas for if you’d rather do more neutral-sounding lines for giveaways, discounts, and promo codes.

    • Feeling lucky? Win up to 20% off your order
    • St. Patrick’s Day Exclusive: Win a new T-shirt
    • Let the festivities begin! St. Paddy’s Day giveaways 
    • Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Enter promo code: GREEN17
    • St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday! Shop & save up to 50%

    Tips to have in mind before creating the best St Patrick’s Day Email Subject Lines

    1. Keep subject lines somewhat short, but not one or two words. 
    2. Add a festive shamrock emoji. Think shamrocks, leprechaun hats, pots of gold and everything green. 
    3. Ignite a sense of urgency. Using the words “limited”, “deal”, or “exclusive” are pretty powerful. Once again, give your potential customers a reason to be interested. 
    4. Offer your offers (or imply it) somewhere in the subject line. Use $ and % to your advantage 
    5. Be sure to include St. Patrick’s Day images somewhere in the email!

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