I’m Self-Employed. Why Do I Need A Website?

Self-employed? You need a website to attract new customers, build credibility, display offerings and provide ways for customers to engage with your personal...

You’re self-employed. A Lone Ranger of commerce. You don’t punch a clock, you make your own rules. You keep things fast and loose, and move with the times. You have social media. You’re in the local phone directories. You don’t need a website.

… do you?

Well, yeah. You’d better believe you do. Even in the age of social media promotion, websites are an absolutely critical tool for anyone in business. Whether you’re running a small ecommerce biz, or selling your art, or looking for new consulting clients, chances are you will need a website to help convert the interested folks lurking in your social media feed into legitimate leads and customers.

Here are 4 reasons that you’ll want to invest in a professional website:

Reason #1: You Want More Customers or Leads To Find You

When it comes to finding new customers and clients, everybody wants their business to have a home court advantage. But to get the digital advantage, you need a digital home.

We did a little research and found that, in our hometown of Lansing, MI, nearly half of area small businesses didn’t have a website. That means that half of the websites in our local market are relying entirely on foot traffic, word-of-mouth, phone directories and social media pages as means for customers to find their business.

But let’s be real. It’s not the 90s anymore. Let’s say that, today in the present, you’re looking for an accountant. Or a drywaller. Or a hand-made quilt. Are you going to reach for the phone book? Ask your neighbor? Go troll Facebook? Or are you going to pick up your phone/iPad and look at the local results on Google in order to find the best local options?

Social media pages are great for customer engagement, but it’s not what people today go to when they are looking to research goods and services. Folks used to look to the phone book- now, they’re going to search engines. And in order to show up on a search engine, you need an SEO optimized website for it to search through.

So make sure you are able to be found on the web! And, while you’re at it, be sure to have a site that’s optimised for mobile devices, since 60% of web searches are made from mobile devices… and 40% of those searches have local intent!

Reason #2: You Want To Appear Credible

True story here- I once was driving in a rural area and came across a run-down house with siding that could have used some love. The yard was patchy and filled with bags of garbage and rusted out cars. And, by the road, there was also a prominently displayed sign, hand-painted in scrawling letters: FRESH EGGS.

Now, those could have been some mighty fine eggs. I wouldn’t know. I kept driving.

That wasn’t a credible business to me. I want to know that the eggs I buy are safe, and I am more likely to feel safe working with somebody with a well-kept storefront.

Your website is your digital storefront. According to a survey by the Time Warner Cable Business Class, 36% of potential customers wouldn’t consider shopping at a business that didn’t have a website. A professional, well-maintained website is a benchmark for credible businesses in the digital age.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a consultant, an artisan, or a contractor. Customers want to research you and know that you mean business.

So don’t miss out on 36% of your potential new business. Come across as the professional you are with a professional digital space.

 Don’t know where to get started when it comes to your professional website? Rely on the Pros.Contact us to learn more about how we can build and maintain your digital storefront.

Reason #3: You Want Potential Clients To Know What You Offer

Social Media is great for keeping people interested in your personal brand. Phone calls are key to closing new business. But what about the folks who are looking to find out more about who you are and what you do?

That’s where your website comes in. It’s an interactive business card, a digital elevator pitch for why you’re great to work with. A professional website allows you to

  • Talk about the services you offer.
  • Host a catalog of products.
  • Showcase previous work.

Whether you’re a photographer with a portfolio, a crafter with an ecommerce store, or providing IT consulting services, an informative website will help your customers recognize what you have to offer.

So be sure to have a website filled with informative content that is easy to navigate, and compels visitors to reach out to you!

Reason #4: You Want More Engagement

Being self-employed, chances are you already know the importance of good customer engagement. Referrals, repeat traffic, and good word-of-mouth can be make-or-break for any business.

Want your personal brand to inspire customer activity? Make it easy with a website. Your website is a central hub for all the ways that clients can engage with you, and allows them to choose which channels they prefer.CLICK TO TWEET

Social media can be a great way to inspire customer engagement. Having a Facebook page allows your customers to like, comment, and share your posts. It helps spread the word!

… to other people on Facebook. But what about the customers that don’t use that service at all? Or would prefer to engage with you elsewhere?

You always want to make things easier on your customer- don’t force them to jump through hoops to get excited about what you do.

A website provides a central hub to place all relevant information about your products and services, from which you can link to all the places that customers can find you.

The point of customer engagement, ultimately, is to increase business. Websites are better at inspiring action and converting new business than social media pages. So keep that engagement pointed back to your website, where you have well-crafted landing pages that call your customers to action.

Looking for help crafting the perfect professional website for your endeavors? SuperWebPros can help build, maintain, and accelerate traffic to your web presence. Learn more about what we do!

Duke Kimball

Duke writes words, good. When he's not crafting content for The Pros, he's crafting stories, enjoying craft beer, or gourmet coffee. He is Portlandia.
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