Website Home Improvement Tip #7: Site Pages vs Landing Pages

The Main Idea

Site pages exist to inform. The best landing pages exist to convert. Make sure you’re using both effectively in order to drive meaningful traffic to your site, and grow your business!


Duke Kimball

Duke writes words, good. When he's not crafting content for The Pros, he's crafting stories, enjoying craft beer, or gourmet coffee. He is Portlandia.

Is Your Slow Website Jacking Up Your Advertising Costs?

High Click-through-Rates + Low Landing Page Views = Site too Slow.
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Google’s Mobile-First Index: What Business Owners Need to Know

Google's shift to the mobile-first index will be complete in March 2021. Here's what business owners need to know.

How To Move Poor-Selling Products On Your Store (3 Easy Tips)

No matter how well you plan out your inventory purchases, research new products, and forecast consumer trends, there’s always going to be a few products that you just can’t sell or you’ve ordered too many of. Slow-moving stock takes up valuable space in your warehouse, and you’re not seeing any return for the money you’ve...
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