Why Rebuild when You Can Rehab?

Start Your xTreme Homepage Makeover!

Find out if your website can be rehabbed to work harder for your business in 2024. It may be the most productive minute of your time you invest this year!

Here's a little secret most "web guys" don't want you to know..

Many websites don't need a full rebuild to get your phone ringing and inbox 'pinging.'

Many websites are built with things like 'branding' and 'design' in mind and NOT lead generation or conversions.

That's fine for large companies that make oodles of cash or small businesses who care more about presentation than profits.

But for the average business owner who expects ROI on their marketing, it's not good enough.

That doesn't mean your site should be 'ugly' or unnecessarily 'salesy.' But it should have purposeful design and good salesmanship.

Often, to accomplish that requires just a few tweaks to some templates in order to implement the "Best Practices" that sales-oriented Web Pros follow.


You probably qualify for an xTreme Homepage Makeover if:

Your website is built on a popular platform (e.g., WordPress)

Your website has a modern page builder (e.g., Elementor)

Your website software & plugins are reasonably current

Your principal goal for your website is lead generation, not e-commerce

Your website has form software installed

You have administrator access to your website (or can get it for us)

You might not be able to do a homepage makeover if:

Your website is on a custom CMS

Your website has been hand-coded

Your website doesn't have a modern page-builder (or modules)

Your website's software & plugins are severely outdated

E-Commerce is your primary business model (that requires a different set of optimizations)

You aren't able to grant administrative access to your website

If you qualify, here's what you can expect...

Once we receive your application, a Pro will review it to make sure that your website can, indeed, be rehabbed.

To complete your Pro-fessional Review, we'll first need access to your website. Once we receive it, we'll review your software, plugins, and page-builder to see what we're working with.

We'll also run a Pro-fessional SEO & Best-Practice Diagnostic to ascertain the technical and SEO health of your website. (We normally charge $199 for this report, but it's absolutely free with this offer!).

Once these two tasks are complete, we'll provide:

  • A Pro-fessional Assessment of your website, website health, and SEO
  • no-obligation quote for the xTreme Homepage Makeover
  • 40% off coupon for the Makeover (and for pre-booking your spot!)

If you choose to proceed...

Then we'll get started on your rehab based on the start date you selected and have it done by the end of that week! 

It's that simple.

  • We do the assessment
  • We provide a FREE Diagnostic
  • We get the work done in one week
  • You get a rehabbed homepage!

Ready for your xTreme Homepage Makeover?

If that sounds good to you, then complete the application below to get started and a Pro will get back to you ASAP!

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