Why Should Local Businesses Work With Local Influencers?

Local influencers can help you grow your local business. Here's how.

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    I have a friend, his name is Emma. Emma is a sickly young man in his early twenties who had to leave the big city for a much smaller town, just so he can be closer to home.

    Emma is a sweet, passionate soul who loves people. But despite knowing that, I was still surprised when he became a Local influencer for a few brands in his small town a couple of months ago.

    You see, every time I hear the word influencer; a few thoughts inevitably come to mind.

    “Oh! This person has got to be a celebrity to be influential enough to sway potential customers, increase brand awareness and thereby lead to conversions.” 

    But here is the thing,

    local businesses do not need celebrities or global influencers, who may also be known as macro-influencers. They are more suited for local influencers like Emma, and below are my reasons why.

    Why local businesses should opt for local influencers?

    1. Guaranteed customer engagement
    2. Affordable
    3. Accessible
    4. A bridge within industry-related businesses
    5. Relatable
    6. Relevant

    1. Guaranteed Customer Engagement

    local influencers or sometimes known as Micro-influencers have a much smaller following compared to celebrities.

    But their followers, however, are a lot more loyal, specific, and engaged to them. 

    This in turn provides you with access to a much more targeted audience that is interested in your products or services, hence a higher conversion rate for your business.  

    2. Affordable

    Hiring a local influencer is a lot cheaper than hiring a celebrity or a Macro influencer.

    Given the local influencers’ smaller audience in comparison to the macro-influencers or celebrities, the charge too will be minimal.

    Better still, sometimes the compensation may even come in the form of small incentives, but with higher conversion rates as opposed to their high-end counterparts.

    3. Accessible

    Local influencers consciously choose this word-of-mouth trend for a living and actively seek to increase their collaborations.

    They are a lot more convenient, accessible, and approachable, making them a lot easier to connect and work with.

    An example of a local influencer actively seeking collaborations

    4. A bridge within industry-related businesses

    In addition to being accessible, local or micro-influencers also help foster connections within industry-related businesses. 

    Partnerships with other industry-related businesses are created through these connections which can be very beneficial to local businesses.

    For instance

    Let’s say you sell wedding dresses. You could choose a local influencer that specializes in wedding-related topics. For example, a wedding consultant.  

    They will know the best local jeweler, the flower shop down the street, the shop with the most exquisite engagement rings, the catering company with the tastiest food.

    Through the local influencer, you will then have an opportunity to work with your industry-related partners in mutual cooperation, and receive in this way, new potential customers.

    A bride that is looking for a wedding dress might also be looking for a wedding venue, for a catering agency, and so on.

    Therefore, working with local partners and local influencers is a great way to attract new local customers!

    5. Relatable

    Since local influencers are ordinary people who live among us with the same challenges and interests we have, their followers find them a lot more relatable and authentic, and therefore easily trust them.

    Thus, when a local influencer endorses or recommends a product or service, such as yours, their followers (your target audience) will most likely follow their lead.

    6. Relevant

    Because you invest a lot of time in finding the right local influencer that suits your brand and reaches your target audience, naturally, your prospective customers will respond well to them.

    Do you need help locating your target audience?

    This podcast will give you more clarity on who you serve.

    Local Influencers and Local Businesses

    Local or Micro influencer marketing has recently become a common trend that every local business should tap into.

    Not only do local influencers sway their followers into becoming your potential customers, but they also help promote your brand too and ultimately lead to conversions.

    Having the ability to guarantee customer engagement, bridge industry-related businesses, their accessibility, and authenticity as well as relevance to a specific niche.

    While doing it all at an averagely low budget is what makes local influencers an asset to every local business.

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