Episode 5

From Sales To Building Systems

Having figured out who you've got to serve, the messaging you need to sell, and now that you have enough sales too. Then you can start to build systems which is the 3rd phase of our Pro growthmap.

What to Expect as You Begin to Build Systems

Chances are that your service delivery is starting to get better, your cash flow is getting a little bit less lumpy. And you’re now at a point where you can start to generate leads consistently and double down on successful channels.

And if you’ve done the right work, you’re now clear on who you are and who your ideal customer is. You’re clear on the messaging that’s going to attract these people to you, and you’ve also identified a channel by which you can shorten the distance between yourself and a prospect reliably and consistently.

What is Your Main Area of Focus as You Build Systems?

As you build systems, your main focus should be on exercising or executing scalable service delivery.

How Do You Achieve That Goal?

  1. Put together your roadmap for success
  2. Invest more in technology as a resource
  3. Make your advertising more profitable
  4. Devise systems for creating, distributing, and promoting content
  5. Build a referral sales marketing system

1. Put Together Your Roadmap For Success

Start by putting together your roadmaps for success, documenting what you’re doing, and making sure that there is a trail.

Not only for you to be able to share in terms of marketing collateral for your customers, but also for your team because at this point, you’re probably starting to max out your capacity and you’re going to need help since you cannot grow a business if you’re the only one doing it.

2. Invest More in Technology as a Resource

From a technology standpoint, you should be emailing your list consistently. And at this point, you should probably have landing pages that are converting at a predictable rate.

You’re probably at a point now where your DIY website is also starting to look a little bit dated. So this is the best time for you to;

a. Start adding more intentional sales funnels to your landing pages
A Sales Funnel illustration
b. Start redesigning your website.
Why is this the best time to now focus on your website?

Unlike before, your business is now attractive. At this particular point, you know your customers, you’ve got attractive messaging, you’ve got an offer and you’re ready to start building sales funnels.

You’re also working with more qualified prospects now who are introducing you to other qualified prospects.

So guess what! Your website is going to be so much better at this stage than it would have been in the earlier phases.

3. Make Your Advertising More Profitable

Start thinking about how to make your advertising more profitable.


Because it is at this stage that profit optimization becomes your main goal as opposed to the sell phase where you’re just trying to figure out and test your channels along with your message.

But now that you have found a channel and a message that’s working, you need to start optimizing that channel. For instance, you can buy a lead for 20 bucks, as opposed to 30 bucks.

Now is the time to figure out how to scale your advertising channels more profitably.

It is the best time for you to hire somebody, an agency, a partner, or a freelancer. Someone who can help you, because setting up your initial ads is not that hard, but optimizing them gets very challenging and time-consuming.

4. Devise Systems for Creating, Distributing, and Promoting Content

As you’re starting to build systems, you’ve got to not only have one just for your operations, but you’ve got to also have a system for creating, distributing, and promoting content.

Ultimately, a system for lead generation, for more than just the back-end automation.

5. Build a Referral Sales Marketing System

Lastly, focus on growing referral sales as well.

After building your operation system and documenting it well, you need to start building and generating a marketing system as well as referral sales.

Which tools and strategies will facilitate this process?
  •   Email
  •  SEO

When a lead enters your sales funnel or signs up for a lead magnet, you’ll use email to nurture them to the next stage, which is probably going to be a sales funnel, a consultation, or something like that.


 Here is when you can start thinking about SEO.

Why will SEO work for you at this stage and not earlier?

Unlike before, you’ve got all these customers, all these case studies with a wealth of content because now you know who you’re serving.

You’ve served a bunch of people as well, you know how to sell, you know what their problems are and you know how to create value.

So you can now start generating your business blog, which is going to be your number one tool for SEO and driving down the cost of customer attraction over time.

And the content has got to be good, timely, consistent, and worthy of getting back-links.

What to Remember as You Build systems

Operation systems, marketing systems, referral systems, follow-up systems. When building these systems, you start by figuring out where all the work is, and how to document those processes. Then bring people on board to step it up.

And as you start to move into the scale phase, which is the next and fourth stage of the Pro growthmap, you’ll be doing that even more.

And so here’s where you start to make your business look a little bit less like something you’ve duct-taped together and into something that you’re starting to professionalize a little bit.

If you hadn’t already. At this stage, it’s probably also worthwhile for you to start leveraging a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) even if it’s a simple one, like the HubSpot CRM.

It is a pretty good little tool that ensures that you’ve got basic integrations between your website, your landing page, and your CRM so that you don’t have gaps or holes in your funnels.