What is Email Automation?

Email Marketing is essential for all kinds of businesses, even more for small businesses. In this post -and podcast-, we share with you what Email automation and we direct you towards the next stage to learn how to develop your email marketing strategy.

Email Automation is part of the marketing strategy

Email Automation is the process of having emails go out automatically, typically based on behavioural triggers given that prospective customers are fundamentally different in what they choose to buy and how they actually buy it.

How can Email Automation help businesses gain leads and customers?

Some are swiftly inclined to purchase provided the product or service speaks to them, while others may require a little nudging. Some prospects may request free samples, and others may simply need more information. Hence behavioural triggered emails.

The Email Automation Podcast is perfect if you are just starting your journey in Email Marketing. It will give you the foundations you need to start this journey, as well as the right direction.

However, if you have already started putting together your Email Marketing Campaign and you are either unsure how to follow or confused, don´t hesitate to take a look at our other posts and podcast.

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[0:11] Distinction between a transactional email and a promotional or newsletter email.
[1:22] Behavioural triggered email automation.
[5:12] Why you should use transactional emails over broadcast or newsletter emails.