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Uploading Brand Guidelines in the Support Hub

Let’s talk about branding and how you can get us the information we need to design your website so that it matches your brand.

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Completing Tasks Assigned To You

How to complete a task we’ve assigned you in the Super Support Hub.

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Editing a Project

Edit an existing project in the Super Support Hub.

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Creating a New Project

When your website needs new functionality, or to do something different, create a new project.

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Reviewing & Editing Existing Content

Once you’ve added content to the Support Hub, here’s how to edit that content.

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How We Manage Customer Content

One of the best things about SuperWebPros’ “On-demand Web Design Service” is that you can add new content to your website when you need it.

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Adding Content to the Support Hub

A Website is really just a collection of pages of information. Learning how to add content to the Support Hub is going to be your key for getting the most out of The Pros From the Dashboard

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Request an Update To Your Website (With a Support Ticket)

Need an update to your website? Here’s how to create a support ticket and get help from the Pros!

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Introduction to the Super Support Hub Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the Dashboard in your Super Support Hub and organize in a way that works for you.

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Adding a Website to the Support Hub

How to add a website you want us to work on to the Super Support Hub.

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